Prepping & Pricing Your Items
Prepping & Pricing your Items to Sell

Let's Get You Tagging!

Tagging your Items is a 4 Part Process

This Section we will look at: 

 1- Supplies

2 - Prepping Your Items

3 - Pricing 

4 - Using the JBF tagging system.


First Step in this Process is SUPPLIES    

There are supplies you will need to use in the process that are required and then there are optional supplies too you may want to use. 

  • Cardstock Paper (60lb or higher) - This is for your Tags. Cardstock ensures the tags do not bend and are scannable at check-out. You will need scissors to cut your tags.
  • Hangers - Hangers are required on all clothing items.  You can use wire hangers, plastic, wood or dept store hangers. Hangers are not returned to sellers - so look for cheaper options available.  (Tips Link Below)
  • Safety Pins - Pins are great for attaching tags, attaching items on hangers, keeping sets together and more.
  • Tape - Clear packing tape is great for non-clothing items.  Painters tape is great for books and items where packing tape may damage it.
  • Ziplock Bags - Bundle items together in Bags.  They are great for socks, toys and more.  Saran wrap is great for puzzles.
  • Ribbon or Zipties - keep shoes together or items with parts.
  • Computer or mobile device - you will need to access the tagging site through your phone or computer.  A printer is needed as well, but you do have the option to print your tags at a print shop as well.
  • (Optional) Tagging Gun and Barbs - A Tagging gun is great item to have if you are tagging clothing.  It will help your process go faster. (Remember to only tag your items using a tagging gun through a clothing seam or tag.)
Prepping Your Items

Prepping to Sell!

Prepping your items looks different for different items.  To help you get going, we have broken down your prep into 3 main categories:

Clothing, Accessories and Toys/Gear.  The tips pictured below are great help in getting you started.  We also have our Tagging Videos at the bottom of this page and our expanded library on youtube. 

Pricing Your Items

Pricing to Sell!

When pricing your items, you always want consider:

  • How much you would like to earn on your items?  At JBF Sellers earn 60% on each item they sell, supplies cost you money and your time is valuable.  Consider this as you price your items.  Items should reflect a price that includes the cost of selling with JBF and value of the item.
  • How much you would pay for the item? JBF is a consignment event, shoppers know your items are in good shape and understand your items are priced at consignment prices.  You don't want to over-value your items though and not have them sell, so it always important to ask yourself, if you would pay the price you have tagged the item.  
  • What is the item worth?Items that are new and used utilize a different pricing strategy than in the stores.  Shoppers come to JBF to find deals and items at lower prices than they could find in the store.  Find a comfortable balance between the items value and your pricing.
  • How motivated are you to sell? JBF wants you to sell all your items!  Pricing your items to go half-off increases your sell-thru.


JBF Pricing Chart

Our JBF Pricing Chart (pictured) is a great resource to use as you tag. 


Tagging Your Items

Understanding the JBF Tagging Account - The JBF Tagging system is online.  Let's get you familiar with the system as you get started.  


You can tag using your phone or your computer:

1- Log-in to your Tagging Account

2- Select Create Tags, enter the data in each field

3- Print Tags, using the Print Tab (PDF) - Select unprinted tags

**For more tips, tricks and help as you go - select the Help Tab in the Tagging System

----> QUICK TIP- Select the Settings Tab and select your defaults in regards to donations and reduced tags.  (These presets can be changed per item)

Click the Button Below for our Tagging System Getting Started Guide for more information on the system.

Preparing your items

Watch the following videos to see how to prepare all of your items.

Tagging Supplies

What are the Basic Supplies needed:

Cardstock Paper 65lb or heavier • Safety pins: Please use 1" (No. 1) or larger safety pins: no straight pins or small pins • Ziploc Bags

Tape- both scotch and heavy packing tape •  Hangers -Wire, plastic tube and department store hangers are okay

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Tagging Clothing

Tagging Shoes

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