What Can You Sell at JBF

Kids Grow Fast!

Each child cycles through a wardrobe every 6 months.

So, if you're feeling like you have lots of outgrown clothes in your home, you're not alone!

Plus, you can also sell items you likely have around your home, like toys, books, games, baby equipment and more.

Time to De-Clutter!

JBF Accepts most items a growing family may have to sell from clothes closets to the toy boxes.  

We do however have guidelines for items we accept based on season and condition.

All items you sell at JBF should be:

  • Clean: Items that look the cleanest and newest will sell first.
  • Current: Is it the right season to sell? Think warmer weather and clothing your child would regularly wear from April through September for our Spring Sale and cold weather and clothing your child would regularly wear from September to April for our Fall Sale.
  • Complete: Items must have all their pieces and parts and be in working order
  • Compliant: Safety first. A quick check for RECALLS helps keep all our kids safe! Safety Waivers Required for all Cribs & Car Seats

Keep - Toss - Sell Process

Now that you have gathered the items you want to sell, the best way to sort through the items to ensure they meet the JBF Criteria is to sort it in to 3 piles or baskets: 

  • KEEP: These are items that have high sentimental value—things that you just can’t part with—and that’s OK! Set these items aside and keep going.
  • SELL: Items will sell BEST at Just Between Friends if they have The 4 C's (listed above). Double check for stains, holes & damage.
  • TOSS: There’s such a thing as “beyond well-loved.” These items show wear and tear, are missing pieces, stained, damaged, or just don’t work anymore. This group of things can be tossed, donated, or recycled. It’s time to let them go and open some space.
Once you have completed the sort process, then items can be prepped and priced!

Seasonal and Item Guides

Safety Guides and Waivers

Crib Waiver
Carseat Waiver
Safety Guide
Prep and Pricing your Items